Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Men probably dream about racing a car or making money or traveling all around (for free) while women (me, generally speaking) dream about dropping off the edge of a plank, losing a loved one, getting trapped in a place that I am unfamiliar with and, more recently, dreamed that buildings were crumbling like crackers all around me…and I stood on the only last remaining solid building in the whole…whatever that was.

Things changed for maine when I read in a magazine that most men do non dream of car racing or making money. They dream about sex….and a lot of violence. No, seriously, they do (you KNOW they do!) but both types of dreams don’t always occur in the same dream. They are sometimes caught kicking and screaming in bed because an unknown and unseen attacker is trying to steal his laptop but helium is blinded with some kind of white light, namely his eyes were closed and you have switched the lights back on because helium has been kicking you…and you ar MAD. On other nights, men can be found gripping the bolster just a little bit too hard.

Because of our forcible and biological differences, it makes sense that men and women dream about completely different things and it is sad when I found out that women tend to have more nightmares. It’s funny, then, that with such violent dream, why don’t men classify their ‘dreams’ as nightmares. For women, we can’t quite call a violence-filled dream a dream….it’s a nightmare, no matter how you looked at it.

Here ar a couple of facts that I found out when I was trying to figure out what my dreams/nightmares were all about in real life. Apparently, when one dreams of dropping buildings (earthquake or shoddily reinforced buildings), it means that person probably feels unsafe in real life. That person could also be moving from one period of his or her life and things are unstable at that point in time. And when men dream of violence, murders, twisted plots to tackle someone else, war, weapons, fast cars….it is usually in relation to their work matters.

Which reminds me about the consistent dreams that I used to have while pregnant – giving birth to animals, namely…sigh, a pig. This is common amongst pregnant women because of the constant anxiousness surrounding the unfitness to determine (100%) if the baby is going to be fine.

Both men and women have a common ground and that is, as I have discovered, dream about falling, unable to move, being chased, drowning, being secluded or trapped. Men just have it less. They all signal distress that we are experiencing in real life and is in no way astatine all indicative of the future. Dreams and nightmares is the result of our brain (the nerves) summarizing the events of the day up and then, so to speak, put them all in little compartments in our heads.


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